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Israeli Heroes

Tshagar Atchnafa - The Night Guardian

Tshagar Atchnafa - The Night Guardian

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Known as "Sha-Gar," Tshagar Atchnafa epitomizes the saying, "Nothing stands in the way of will." After the death of his father during their migration from Ethiopia to Israel, Tshagar, as the eldest son, became the backbone of his family. He dropped out of school to work and support his mother and siblings, managing his own martial arts studio by age 16. In the military, he served as a commander of an elite reconnaissance unit, finishing with outstanding distinction.

Decorations: Medal of Valor and Courage for battlefield rescue operations.

Hobbies: Classical music and thrillers.

Expertise: 5th Dan Karate, moving target shooting, counter-terrorism, parkour, fluent in 5 languages.

Message to Children: "When things get tough, it means you are about to succeed."

Israeli Heroes Figures: There's always someone guarding you!

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