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Tomer The Guardian of Justice

Tomer The Guardian of Justice

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Meet Tomer Tal - The Guardian of Justice Tomer wholeheartedly believes that the world can be a better place, and therefore, since he was young, he has fought for justice and good. He is a born leader, able to inspire everyone around him, and even in difficult moments, he overcomes every challenge.

Role: Commander of the Guardians of Israel unit

Nickname: Tomi

Decorations: Israel Hero Medal for a secret operation

Hobbies: Skydiving, scuba diving, drumming

Message to children: When you train and prepare for everything in life, nothing can scare us.

Expertise: Full mastery of all types of weapons, excellent sniper, hand-to-hand combat, navigation in all areas, expert in camouflage and wilderness survival, loves to run and eat healthily, and most dislikes sweetened drinks (as he says: "Champions only drink water")


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Discover the Hero Within

Giborey Israel offers a unique experience with each package, going beyond just an action figure. Underneath the cover of each package, collectors find a Giborey Israel ID, offering a personal touch by sharing the story of the hero represented. This ID not only adds to the collectibility but also enriches the connection between the figure and its owner by bringing to light the hero's individual journey and achievements.

Unbox the Adventure

Each package is an adventure in itself, containing exclusive items that elevate the unboxing experience. Inside, you will discover Motivational stickers and an army tag branded with the Giborey Israel logo, alongside a top-secret box cover.

Engineering Excellence

The action figures themselves are a marvel of craftsmanship. Standing at 6 inches tall, these PVC figures are fully articulated, designed with an eye for detail that respects the complexity and significance of their real-life counterparts. With over 55 parts engineered to come together seamlessly, each Giborey Israel action figure is a masterpiece that celebrates the spirit and bravery of Israel's defenders.