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Israeli Heroes

Shir Edmon - Guardian of the Earth

Shir Edmon - Guardian of the Earth

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Shir Edmon - Guardian of the Earth
Nickname: Redhead

Shir represents the perfect blend of emotion and intellect.

Shir grew up on a kibbutz in the southern part of the Middle Eastern desert. From a young age, her parents noticed her special skills—a unique connection to nature alongside wisdom beyond her years. Some say she can communicate with the spirit, with animals, and foresee the future. She possesses a rare navigational ability and can analyze complex situations.

Decorations: The Life Medal for saving war captives.

Hobbies: Hiking in nature, rappelling, waking up early to watch the sunrise.

Expertise: Navigation, field detection, camouflage, Tai Chi.

Message to Children: We are a small part of something big, but even the small can do great things.

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