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Israeli Heroes

Israel Amar - The Cyber Guardian

Israel Amar - The Cyber Guardian

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Israel Amar - The Cyber Guardian

Israel grew up in a family of warriors, and this had been his dream all his life. A dream cut short by a car accident that left him paralyzed in both legs. His love for activity led him to learn programming and cyber security during his rehabilitation, and he became the world's number one expert in all things cyber and digital. He enjoys playing pranks and stretching the limits with his unit members, but when on a mission, there's nothing he can't do.

Role: Cyber and IoT Expert
Nickname: Israel Cyber
Hobbies: Crashing websites, espionage gadgets, and working on anyone around him.
Expertise: Cyber defense, programming in any possible language, capable of hacking websites from a mobile phone
Message to Children: If it's funny, it's allowed

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