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Eyal The Sting Keeper

Eyal The Sting Keeper

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Introducing Eyal Oren - The Sting Guardian. Eyal, a man of peace deeply connected to nature and tranquility, loves to engage in meditation with his faithful dog, Hatz. Together, they embody a winning team, sharp and quick on any mission.

Role: Sting Fighter alongside his loyal dog "Hatz" Nickname: The Master Hobbies: Meditation and reading books.

Message to Children: "When the heart and mind unite, you are invincible." Expertise: Natural-born scout, skilled in multiple martial arts including 3rd Dan Karate, Kung Fu, Crane Fighting, Judo, Krav Maga, Knife Throwing, Nunchaku, and Staff Fighting.

Eyal's calm demeanor and connection to mindfulness make him and Hatz an unbeatable duo in any mission.

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